We leverage decades of retail experience to improve the way retailers sell and consumers shop.

- Joe Halloum, CEO, Starmount

Having first met while working together at 360Commerce (which was acquired by Oracle in 2006), Joe Halloum and Michael Mann went on to found Starmount, which is headquartered in Austin, TX, in June 2006. Initially, Starmount was founded as a professional services company focused on implementing store systems for large retailers. Halloum and Mann leveraged their expertise in the 360Commerce product suite to provide innovative store solutions to an early roster of customers, fueling the company’s growth.

Eventually, Starmount’s work with some of the most respected retailers in the industry led to the development of its own product line, which was designed to help retailers improve how they engage customers in stores. The first solution developed was a digital signage product, followed by a mobile point of sale solution. Later, Starmount introduced a new integrated platform and suite of products enabling omnichannel shopping — helping retailers deliver a seamless, consistent, and more compelling experience across all paths to purchase.

In 2013, Starmount partnered with Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors to raise the company’s first round of outside capital. This allowed Starmount to expand its omnichannel platform and introduce new products, resulting in the most advanced end-to-end store solution on the market.

With the 2014 introduction of the Starmount Customer Engagement Suite™, Starmount completed its evolution to a product company. Today, the Customer Engagement Suite includes a mobile shopping assistant (Starmount Engage™), centralized web application that supports all in-store back office systems (Starmount Back Office™), a store inventory management solution (Starmount Store Inventory™), and an omnichannel commerce platform (Starmount Connect™). In January 2016, Starmount also announced a cloud offering that enables retailers to run the entire Starmount Customer Engagement Suite in the cloud, delivering all of the capabilities of these sophisticated solutions without requiring a large IT staff to manage them.

The Customer Engagement Suite has filled a critical need in the retail market for a native omnichannel store solution, and Starmount continues to develop the mobile and in-store solutions that allow retailers to meet consumer demands for an omnichannel shopping experience. Starmount is proud to offer the most innovative unified commerce platform solution on the market today.

Retailers increasingly look to Starmount solutions to help them engage with customers in fundamentally new ways — regardless of channel. We believe that the future of both retail and the brick-and-mortar store is very exciting, and we look forward to helping retailers capitalize on all the advantages of Starmount’s industry-leading unified commerce platform.


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