Engage  \\  POS and Mobile Selling Assistant

What is Engage?


Mobile technology has fundamentally changed the way customers shop, as well as the role of stores in the shopping experience.

Starmount Engage™ gives your stores a competitive advantage by equipping associates with mobile tools that provide them access to robust product information, to help customers make more informed purchase decisions. Associates also have access to the customer's complete transaction history, including loyalty information, profiles, and wish lists. The store associate can also upsell by showing related and complementary items, and then complete the selling, cross-channel order, and tendering process — without ever leaving the customer's side.

Seamless Omnichannel Ordering

Provide enterprise-wide inventory visibility in the aisle and ship items anywhere your customer wants them. Starmount Engage features out-of-the-box integration with Manhattan Order Management or IBM Sterling Commerce to make omnichannel ordering a reality.

Clientelling as You've Never Seen It Before

Forget the black book — arm your associates with customers' complete purchase histories, customer profiles, wish lists, loyalty information, important dates, etc., as well as a Visual Outfit Builder and access to recommended items to enable them to provide an exceptionally personalized customer experience anywhere in the store.

Process Any Form of Payment in the Aisle

Mobile devices can enable your associates to provide a great experience anywhere in the store — unless the associate has to leave the customer's side to process a non-standard tender type. Streamline the transaction with Starmount Engage, which enables mobile processing for any tender type, including credit, debit, gift cards, checks, and cash.

Security Is Taken Care Of

Rest assured that your transactions are secure across all mobile devices through built-in compliance with PA-DSS requirements.


Integrate Starmount Engage easily into your existing store and enterprise systems.

The client front end communicates with an application running on the store's server and fully integrated with the retailer's store and POS system(s).


  • Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini, Windows or Android device
  • A secure wireless network
  • An in-store or enterprise server
  • Sled to provide barcode scanner and magstripe reader

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